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Promotional Products work!  Still not buying it?  Let me explain... Savvy business professionals don't invest their marketing dollars in dead end products or service that have little to no ROI.  In 2018 alone, the promotional products sales have increased by 9% bringing the industry to an impressive $23.3 billion market. So why do marketing professionals continue to love promotional products?  Here are 5 reasons:  Want to browse our entire collection of promotional products?  CLICK HERE to explore!

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Now that you have your EZ Hand Designer Series No Touch Dispenser in your dealership or business, it's time to install.  Below you will find a brief instructional video on how to install and service your dispenser using the following methods: tape mounting, screw mounting, convert to keyed locking option and changing batteries.

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Don't pass germs to your customers and or employees.  Make sure your dealership has No Touch Hand Sanitizer Dispensers located near areas that see heavy traffic or have potential to pass germs, bacteria, etc. (bathrooms, sales floor, service department, waiting room).   Remember, healthy customers are happy customers and healthy employees means less downtime for your dealership or business.   EZ Hand Designer Series No Touch Dispenser (as low as $41.54/ea) Antibacterial Foam Hand Sanitizer (as low as $108.00/case) Metal Dispensing Floor Stand for EZ Hygiene Sanitizing Station (as low as $95.54/ea)

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The multi-layered construction ensures that they stay in place throughout the entire service process.  The bottom layer grips the seat to stay in place while the slick top allows easy entry and exit from the vehicle. Slip-N-Grip seat covers deliver unmatched quality and performance, and are disposable and recyclable. Advanced Slip-N-Grip technology Guaranteed quality & durability Recyclable  Seat Cover Options: Item# 100 | .5 mil (500 per roll) Item# 102 | .7 mil (250 per roll) Item# 103 | .7 mil (250 folded per box) Item# 104 | 1 mil (200 per roll) Custom Printing Available: Print your company logo and marketing...

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Keep dirt, grease, oil, spills, leaks or other shop fluids out of your customer’s vehicle during service with genuine Slip-N-Grip floor mats. Plastic Floor Mats Slip-N-Grip multi-layer construction ensures floor mat stays in place Impervious to water, oil, grease and most shop chemicals One color custom imprinting available Stock Paper Floor Mats Landfill diverted paper Recyclable Different sizes available Custom imprinting available

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