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Why Consider Buying Promo Products?

88% of recipients remember the name of the advertiser on the products
85% do business with the advertiser
91% keep promotional products in their kitchen
53% use them weekly
47% keep promotional products for a year or more

Let us help you maximize the fastest growing advertising media today.

Looking for Custom Printing?

When it comes to custom print, you're in good hands with our team at Flywheel NW.  

We've been helping our clients develop the most stunning marketing materials, forms and other print collateral for years.  

Our most popular products are:
- Checks
- Business Cards
- Brochures/Informational Cards
- Receipt Tape
- Oil Labels
- Banners

Now you may be asking, why should I go custom over stock? 

The main reason is the frequency at which your logo is seen.  It's all a numbers game.  The more times your brand or company message is seen, the greater recall your customer have the next time they're looking for the good or service.

Let us help you get started!

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