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Reusable Balloon Mount Display Kits

Style: Four Balloon Light Pole Kit

Display your balloons in a variety of ways! No base required! 

Three different kits for displaying your reusable balloons:

  1. Four Balloon Light Pole Kit - includes four light pole mounts, four 32" balloon stems, four balloon adapter cups, and two tension band clamps. Item# 5898-41
  2. Reusable Balloon Window Mount Kit - includes one 32" balloon stem, one balloon adapter cup, one window mount. Item# 5898-21
  3. Three Balloon Fence Post Kit - includes one 46-1/2" pole, one fence post mount (includes screws), three 32" balloon stems, three balloon adapter cups, and one cluster bracket. Item# 5898-51


Item# 5898-41, 5898-21, 5898-51